There’s an eye in my pancake



Scafell Pike


I took this picture whilst going up Scafell Pike, we were near the top at this point. It’s a beautiful view across cumbria in the Lake District. I like how the clouds rest over the mountains and how you can see far into the distance.

Visual Arts department mural


I worked collaboratively with a team to make this mural for the Visual Arts department. We also came up with the design for it as well, with some inspiration from Si Scotts work. The only colour we used was black acrylic for the whole board, we made it look like it has depth by fading out the black acrylic. We then sprayed some blue ink onto it to brighton it up, I think it adds effect to it but could have been sprayed over more of it to make it look more effective than just patches.


I made a collection of mini designs then eventually progressed to making this design as my final piece for 3D. I made it out of rag paper, the pattern I cut out of it was intended to look like a silhouette of branches. When the light was actually lit, the pattern on the paper made it cast the pattern around the room, this was the exact effect I was going for.


Weaving design

This one of my many designs for my lamp that I made. I worked collaboratively with another student to make this design, we made the basic frame first then started weaving twigs in and out of it. It was difficult at first but when we got the the hang of it, it became easier.


44 Flavours inspired letter

44 Flavours have a range of different styles but I chose to do it in the style of one of their Zoo York Inst. t-shirt designs. I made this letter on illustrator. I started off with the letter F then I cut squares from it to make them look like windows. I then added a crane on top of it and I also extended some of the lines on the letter, finally to finished it I added a gradient. Image